Clásica 7T

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Wood cooker made of cast iron with glass oven door and high quality enamel finish. Stainless steel oven.

Possibility to include a top smoke exhaustion connection.

There is an option for a hydro version, the Clásica 7T Hidro, that allows water heating.


Efficient combustion achieves lower consumption and longer autonomy per firewood load


Airwash glass cleaning system.


Easy cleaning access – Deflectors easy to dismantle by hand without tools


High quality enamel finish

Finish Options:
Manual Clásica 7T See PDF
Type of fuel Wood
Heating Method Heat accumulation and natural convection
Efficiency 76% / 70%
Net powerl 10kw/ 18kw
Output Smoke 150mm
Location of smoke outlet Back or superior
Measures (LarxProfxAlt) 900x550x850mm
Weight 220kg/ 245kg
Heatable Volume 222m3/ 400m3
Oven Measures (LarxProfxAlt) 420x420x400mm
Camara Measurements (LarxProfxAlt) 270x470x340mm/ 235x425x350mm